Millie And Cupcake

I launched my new children’s books website, we find out from some of the young people who have helped to design and curate the site why they love reading and what the site offers young readers.

It’s a cute story for children ages 2- 7…

Preview of my book :
The Story of a Girl and Her Wonderful Pet!

For many children, the experience of bonding with and loving a first pet is an unforgettable time in their lives. Millie and Cupcake is the charming and educational story of a girl and her companion animal … a different animal than many kids think of when choosing a pet. Cupcake is a rat, and readers will be enchanted as they learn what rats are really like: clean, loving, highly intelligent, trainable personalities who add immeasurable value to people’s lives. Follow along with Millie as she learns how to take care of her sociable, curious, and affectionate best friend.

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