Great for kids!

Melissa Greenberg


Millie and Cupcake is such a gem of a find! What a great lesson for young and old alike, about the companionship of a pet. Not the traditional pet tho – Cupcake is a rat! What makes it great in my opinion, is that we actually learn things that we may not know about rats, which is not what you would have on an average children’s book.
I look after a little 5 year old girl, and she gives this book 2 thumbs up. She is learning herself right now about how to take care of a pet (in her case, a kitty cat) so this book hit close to home.
Kudos to the author and may there be many more to come!

Connecting kids to compassion – must read!

Josh Insigu


Millie and Cupcake was a great find. Pets have become such a part of our lives that they can influence our feelings and our emotions. It would have been easy for the author to write a story about a girl and a dog, but instead she chose to write about a rat. The significance of this is that rats are generally looked down in society, but once we gain acceptance we then can show compassion. This will add major value to our lives. I find this character symbolic and incredibly brilliant.


Children will love this book and adults will love the message. This is definitely a must read that should be passed along throughout the family.

Great children’s book

Lisa Russo


I just read this book with my seven year old and it was such a cute story and definitely a book to share with children and families, very well written and the illustrations are adorable. I just enjoyed every bit of the experience. Thanks Mildred for bringing such a great book into the literary world for our young generation